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Information about your FREE Virtual Class
What is a Manometer?
A manometer is pretty much just a pressure gauge. In  our case, it's a relatively simple water-filled tube that hangs from a wall or door-hook. It hooks into a drone, so that when you're playing the pipes, it'll show you how steadily you're blowing. Sounds simple, right?
What will I learn in this Virtual Class?
Well, obviously, the steadier the water is, the steadier you're blowing. But, what if we taught you how to find the perfect "sweet spot" on your chanter reed using the manometer? Then, all you'd have to do is blow perfectly steady, at the perfect sweet spot, and you'd be achieving, quite literally, the ULTIMATE sound that your bagpipe can produce.
What other FREE stuff can I get?
Along with your free Manometer Class, we'll also offer you our 4 Free Class series (with free PDF accompanying text) for free!
What's Dojo University all about, anyway?
Dojo U is the world's first online piping school. With us, you learn bagpipes right from the comfort of your computer screen, any time! For less than the price of a single "normal" bagpipe lesson, you can have 20 live classes per week, and an archive of hundreds of classes at your fingertips. We have solutions for all levels. You can literally go from "zero" to "bagpipe hero" for as low as $12.50 per month. But - don't take our word for it! Take advantage of these free classes today!